Introducing Food from Quick Freezer

Are you satisfied with the quality of the frozen food that you are consuming? It is natural as human to desire higher flavor content within the food consumed.

In this website, we are introducing the effects that flash freezers can have on the food supplies frozen.

For centuries, freezing food has been an orthodox method of preservation. However, in the last century, the flavor, freshness and overall quality of frozen food have been revolutionized by the innovation of flash freezers.

Letfs learn about Flash Freeze!

Flash Freeze Food Facts!

In the orthodox method of freezing (which will be called slow freeze in this website), the food supplies would decrease in quality from the loss of freshness, flavor and texture.

This was due to the fact that the inner cells in the food, or food cells, were destroyed from the ice particles formed within the cell. Because the time it takes for the food to freeze in the slow freezer is beyond that the food cells can handle, the ice particles that form in the inner core of the food cells grow out of the cells walls.

The red gdrip outflowh that are often noticed in the process of defrosting beef is the destroyed food cells that have been overtaken by the ice particles. This food cell is the core component of flavor, freshness and texture of the food content.

Flash freezers have been equipped with the technological ability to freeze the food content placed within the machine in a gflashh. Therefore, the ice particles are formed at a fast enough time period where the de struction of the food cells is prevented.

How food is flash frozen

Food is flash frozen by either placing the food content in the freezer, or wrapping the supplies in the package.

The two popular methods are through liquid based or air based freezing. The flash freezer is different from the orthodox slow freezer because it has the capability of freezing the ingredient in a speed incomparable to the slow freezer.

The destruction of food cells are prevented, resulting in the higher quality of defrosted product. Flash Freeze Food Facts!

Are there different ways to Flash Freeze?

While the common method of freezing an ingredient is simply placing the content in a freezer, there are multiple methods of flash freezing food. The methods can be distinctively separated to two different genre of liquid based and air based freezer.

For example, the ReEJoice Freezer is a liquid based freezer that packages the ingredient in a plastic wrapper, and bathes the package in alcohol brine.

On the other hand there are air based freezer such as Proton freezer and 3D freezer.

The Proton freezer is a machine that has been equipped with an electromagnetic conductor that correlates magnetic density fluxer with electromagnetic waves and cold fronts transmitted within the system.

On the other hand, the 3D Freezer utilizes the ACVCS (Anti Cycle Vibration Cold System) to freeze the ingredients. This originally developed system of freezing controls the angularity of the cold fronts that contact the food supply.

Rather than blowing cool air to the ingredient from one direction, the ACVCS enables the 3D freezer to enwrap the food supply with a cold front from all angles.

This results in equal distribution of cold fronts and no irregularities or unequal formation of content quality.

Example: Meat (steak)

Meat is an ingredient consumed globally in every part of the world. While the method of cooking, flavoring and value of meat may be different, meat in itself is an ingredient that is internationally enjoyed by people of all ages.

Normally, when freezing beef (steak), the ingredient tends to express reduction in quality while being defrosted. This negative effect is visible through the drip outflow of the content. The red liquid that flows from the steak upon being defrosted is the nutrient, flavor and quality components of the meat.

When freezing the steak with flash freezers, the meat was frozen within 30 minutes from entering the freezer.

Upon defrosting the content, there were no drip outflows, and overall quality of the steak was no different than the unfrozen product.

Example: Burger

Hamburgers are an American dish that has now become an international favorite. Different countries have successfully incorporated national ingredients into the hamburger, and contributed to developing an original burger.

In Japan, it is popular to dip the patty in a gteriyakih sauce, and even add Japanese mayonnaise to top it off.

When freezing the hamburger (bun, patty, onions, ketchup and mustard), the contents were frozen within 30 minutes. The air based freezers exemplified the technological superiority and maintained not only the quality of the patty, but the soft, fluffy texture of the bread/buns.

Example: Fruits

The fruits that have been frozen and will be introduced in this website are apples and peaches.

When apples are frozen, often times, the color changes into an unpleasant brownish tone and emits an unappetizing appearance. When flash freezing apples, the color of the skin remains the same until defrosted. Therefore, the best method of pleasantly freezing apples is to cut the apple first, later to freeze it.

Additionally, peaches also exemplified astounding results.

The best method of freezing peaches is to freezing it in the liquid based freezer while setting the temperature at -28Ž.

This temperature proved to be the best temperate zone at which the fruit is frozen. While no physical damages were placed on the flesh or skin of the fruit, the quality of the peach also remained the same.

Look at the Financial Benefits!

When utilizing the flash freezer, there are financial benefits on the corporate side of business.

While special ingredients often require freshness and the original flavor to be maintained for marketing purposes, the flash freezer can fulfill both requirements while freezing the food.

The benefit of being able to flash freeze the food content is that the ingredient can be preserved for a longer period of time, while maintaining the food contentfs highest point of quality.

This can result in a broader range of distribution in an international scale, and prolonging of expiration dates, while maintaining the same freshness as prior to being frozen.

Defrosting food has never been the same!

Flash Freeze Food Facts! Upon learning about the revolutionized quality of the flash frozen food, those who have contemplated on implementing the use of flash freezers are intimidated by a certain necessary process.

It is often misunderstood that because the multiple methods used to freeze the subject content has been unheard of, the method of defrosting the content is thought to be seemingly a long, time consuming procedure.

However, the method of defrosting the food content is no different than the orthodox method used before.

Whether by using a defroster, or naturally defrosting the ingredient in room temperature, the flash frozen foods can be defrosted without having to go through an additional process.

*It is important to note that different ingredients have different method of defrosting. Some may exemplify natural defrost as the best method, while others may display the highest quality results through the use of defroster machines.

Changes in Quality? No Problem!

Frozen foods and ingredients tend to have a negative perspective from the consumers from the lack of nutritious components that the frozen supplies have compared to unfrozen ingredients.

This results from the drip outflow that occurs when frozen foods are being defrosted. The loss of destroyed food cells have impacted the view that consumers have towards frozen ingredients.

Because flash freezers can prevent the destruction of this food cell, the appearance, texture, flavor, nutritious content and overall quality of the ingredient is kept at the original state.

Flash freezer is the key to delivering the best experience to consumers.