Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order to protect the privacy of the users of our website, the first and last name, post and mailing address, and other information that relates to the indentity of the individual (personal information) is managed under the privacy policy system.

In this, Food, Quick Freeze, Freezer, Freezing, Flash Freeze Website, the compliance program is established through implementing the change in the era and demand and will strive to constantly modify and renew the system.

In this Flash Freeze Food Fact website, the laws and articles concerning personal information is under compliance.

Currently, there are no personal informations such as name and addresses kept.

This Food, Quick Freeze, Freezer, Freezing, Flash Freeze Home page recognizes personal information (ie name and address) as a social responsibility and will manage and use appropriately.

The personal information that have been uploaded in the Flash Freeze Food Facts! wesite will be in use for the articles, services and other goals that pertain to the improvement of this web page.